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A startup guide - bitcoin exchange business !

“Your dream will never come true unless you start working towards it."

You may have a dream about starting a business, but if you don't make any efforts towards it, your dream will never come true.

In this article, we are going to discuss business stuff about a promising startup opportunity of the current business world!

Yes, it is nothing but,

" Bitcoin Exchange Business "


Before understanding the core business model, let us have a recap about what is bitcoin and the things related to it!


Bitcoin - The Future of Currency System

Bitcoin, the masterpiece of cryptocurrencies, invented in the year 2008, by satoshi Nakamoto. Then the peer-to-peer electronic payment system was implemented during the time of January 2009. The first supporter of bitcoin transaction was a computer scientist, whose name was Hal Finney, he received 10 bitcoins from Mr.Nakamato.

The specialty of Bitcoin is,

  • It is a virtual currency.
  • Decentralized (That is no inter-mediator to inquire about any Bitcoin transactions).
  • Generated through a completed process called Mining.
  • Become the root of cryptocurrency industry.
  • The traditional payment system was rolled out after its invention.
  • Less transaction fees.
  • Stored in a cloud storage called bitcoin wallet.
  • There is no limitation for holding bitcoins.
  • It lets the people transact within a second to any end of the world.
  • No banking process, or manual verification for transacting the bitcoin.
  • You're the authorized person for the bitcoin which you have.
  • You can use bitcoin as a payment option for any online shopping.

These are the basic things you just have to understand about bitcoin.

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How bitcoin supports for online businesses?


Most of the business people interested & started to use bitcoin for their own business purpose. Even from small entrepreneurs, shopping malls, online merchants, restaurants, and more are started to accept bitcoin as a payment. It benefits a lot from both the customer end and the owner end.

From the customer side,

  • They don't have to carry their money all the way.
  • Can make their payments easily.
  • They don't have to carry their money all the way, Can make their payments easily, They can spend their bitcoin without worrying about limited transactions,And etc.

From the owner side,

If you are integrating bitcoin as a payment method, you could achieve the following things.

  • Can let your customers choose their own fees.
  • It doesn't matter how large the transaction is, customers can control their wallets while spending the bitcoin.
  • Protection against fraud activities.
  • Access to very fast international payments.
  • Protection against fraud activities.
  • Integrate multi signature method.

The first thing you have to do is finding the best bitcoin business opportunities!

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