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2017-07-04 18:52:31

A place to get complete solutions for bitcoin related business startups. From initiation time of bitdeal which is familiar for providing bitcoin exchange & its related business solutions. It was the main concern and it still remains as the bitdeal's flagship service. People who hunt for a solution to start a bitcoin exchange business , they can get a immense software as a solution here and can launch their bitcoin exchange website too fast & quick.

What bitdeal's bitcoin exchange software can do for you?

Bitcoin exchange software is invented in the intention of serving the people who are crazy about bitcoin and blockchain industry. With the help of business software, in just a very single step a bitcoin trader or anyone can become an owner for a million dollar business.

It works as a backend tool for you to setup a bitcoin exchange website.

A bitcoin exchange software works with a set of four main business modules

1. A Powerful Trading engine
2. Advanced User Interface
3. Flexible and Customizable Admin Panel
4. Integrated wallet

Hope you may get an doubt here "What is the reason for me to start a bitcoin exchange website ? " Right ? the answer is simple, Bitcoin Exchange or trading is the only busy business area in the entire blockchain industry, where many people eventually fall into acquire their bitcoins. So we can conclude this is the gateway for you to become a bitcoin entrepreneur.

What are the Prime business features covered by bitdeal's bitcoin exchange software ?

Each of the above main modules are equipped with the following features.

Security Features which covered by bitdeal:

* Two factor authentication
* Anti CSRF Token
* AES Encryption Prevention
* Missing Secure HTTP Headers and SSL integration
* AML techniques
* DDOS integration
* Google ReCaptcha
* KYC (Know your customer) process

#Module 1 : Poweful Trading Engine

* Setting Feasible Trading Currency Pairs
* Integrating 1000+ digital currencies
* Efficient Trade Matching Algorithm
* Instant order , Limit order, Stop order
* Order history
* Enhanced Buy/Sell System
* Open Orders

#Module 2 : Advanced User Interface

*Feasible Deposit and Withdrawal options
*Bootstrap / Angular Design templates
* Files deployment on different server / platform
* User Friendly Graphical View
* Multilingual Feasibility

#Module 3 : Flexible and Customizable Admin Panel

* 2FA for admin panel
* PHP End of support on admin customization

#Module 4 : Integrated wallet

* Built in Bitgo JS Wallet

Build your own bitocin exchange wesbite with advanced security features!

Bitdeal is ready to take any kind of risk and to provide a better bitcoin exchange business solution. If you are planning to start a bitcoin exchange website make sure you have implemented all the above features. There are some advanced features hasn't listed in the above features list.

For more information you can ask a free demo to see the detail working strategy of bitdeal's bitcoin exchange software.

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Bitdeal - bitcoin exchange script as software solution

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Bitdeal provides you the best digital currency exchange solution in developing your Bitcoin, Altcoins other digital asset exchange. This software gives Cryptocurrency Wallet services for storage facilities. And Now, Bitdeal - Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform expands its services with Debit Card system, Newest Alt-coins, Block chain, Cloud mining and this update also provides advanced and secured bug fixes!

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