Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin /Bitcoin exchange

2016-10-24 20:20:40

Why bitcoin ? 

Bitcoin is hot right now. there are a number of ways are available in investing /buying Bitcoins.

At the time bitcoin invented it has a value more than $1000, then it  has fallen  by the half of it.
But still a lot of people  didn't know what is exactly a bitcoin and how it will be useful to the people 

In a bitcoin exchange, there is no transaction fee will be charged on a large amount of money transfer. And also any two parties can do a business without involving any other intermediator.

The Reason Why Everyone Love Bitcoin.

Very Cheap Transactions

We can do bitcoin exchange with the low transaction fee,  and it is also very less than other money transaction methods. For every transfer, a normal Bitcoin fee is about 0.0005 BTC ( less than a 25 satang coin) 

Freedom in bitcoin transaction 

It is possible to send and get money from anywhere at anytime. You can control your money with your Bitcoin. There is no central authority will involve in the bitcoin network.

More Secured

No personal information will be revealed during any transactions, we can back up and encrypt our bitcoins to ensure the safety. No merchants can charge additional fees without any notification

No need of any personal proof

Anyone, from anywhere, at any time, can accept or sell  bitcoins.There is no proof of address are needed.  All you need is to  just generate a bitcoin address and then you can send or receive bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet . There is no limit to have the number of Bitcoin Addresses 

What You Don't Know About Bitcoin.

Lack of Awareness & Understanding

Businesses are accepting bitcoins because of its advantages. But the truth is still many people are  unaware of cryptocurrency or bitcoin payment system.Check out the Future and acceptance of cryptocurrency payment.  So  people need to get more knowledge about bitcoins and it's operations before applying it to their life.

 Volatility in price determination

Day by day bitcoins value is rapidly growing up or falling down. it is because there are limited number of bitcoins are available and have less demand among people . when it gets more popular and demands sure it will settle down with a certain value. the days are not far away!

Transactions are not reversible

In other payments like credit card payment, or bank payments it is possible to reverse the amount that has been paid. but in bitcoin, you can't reverse the amount once you paid. so because of this, you can't be cheated . merchants are already aware of this still lot of people need to get more awareness regarding this. so be careful before sending bitcoins

Bitcoin is the only payment type that is 100% irreversible  

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