Getting support for your token or crypto coin to be listed on an exchange

2018-01-02 18:06:51

As the bitcoin price hovers around $ 10K, It creates a curiosity among people to discuss which crypto coin will be the next bitcoin ?. This demanding situation created a free space for a troop of new coins to sound around cryptocurrency network.

" Creating a crypto coin is not a matter,
you have to make it eligible to trade among exchanges. "

In order to make your coin/ token eligible to trade, bitdeal provides a complete solution which will help you to make your digital asset as next bitcoin.

Make your coin as next bitcoin! How?

"Bitcoin has already reached a portion of its goal, as of now more than 60% of business people uses bitcoin and blockchain technology for their business purpose. "

A success of a crypto coin does not end with the proper creation or proper release, it should continue to grow until reaching, a person who lives in the corner of the world.

So it is clear that in order to popularize your coin, you need to showcase it to the world. But remember you don't have to blindly showcase your coin among everyone, instead you need to explore it among needy people through the right medium.

What is meant by the right medium? The right mediums are popular crypto exchanges or any other blockchain applications.

1. Advertise your coin by listing it on popular exchanges
2. Let the traders trade with your crypto coins

Tokens are becoming more valuable than digital cryptocurrencies

Tokens are digital assets, it doesn't require as much time like other cryptocurrencies to get a significant value. So instead of trusting an unpopular cryptocurrency, people invest in tokens and witness a quick profit within a short time. That's why tokens are having more demand among investors and business people.

In order to make people invest in your token, you just have to list it and advertise it on popular exchanges. In this way, you can boost your ICO token sale too.

Bitdeal solution to popularize your crypto coin and tokens among exchanges

Bitdeal we are the team of crypto experts, who serves in every business end of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications, especially for the exchange business network.If you are having a raw cryptocurrency, bring it to us, we help you and guide you to make it shine like a bitcoin.

Get Complete support to list your crypto coin on popular exchanges!

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