How to make use of bitcoin wallets and cryptocurrency exchange software together

2017-04-27 16:05:12

Let' we start from the origin digital wallets ...!

The usage of digital wallets increased in counts after the arrival of e-commerce / Online shopping websites. yes, nowadays many of the businesses are transformed themselves into online. The reasons is increasing count of network usage, and smart-phone users. So by keeping this in mind many b2b and b2c businesses were converted their business functionalities into the online portals.

90% of online businesses follows online payment methods, it is not a matter of what the kind of business is ! but without payment option, there will not be a reason to run the businesses through online.

So this was the reason for digital wallets to boom into the online market place~!

Every business sector including e-commerce, textiles, banking, booking and various business domains follow online payment methods. Especially countries like China, US, UK, India are following digital payments in the name of bitcoin. The reason is, bitcoin has created its mark and smashed the usage of fiat currencies in the above-listed countries. By seeing the usage of bitcoins, most of the online and offline shoppers started to accept bitcoin as a payment except India.

But the drawback is only a minimum number of online trading and e-commerce websites allows the user to store bitcoin in their own bitcoin wallets. Rest of the websites are having only a digital wallet in which we couldn't store bitcoin.

By monitoring this drawback many business people came into the market by having bitcoin wallet services as their core business model. What they do mean? they could operate as a third party wallet service provider, and encourage people to store bitcoin into their private & unsecured bitcoin wallets. There was a high possibility to steal the bitcoins.

It causes a bad name for cryptocurrency network. Especially trading network has faced big failures, and people also feared to invest in bitcoin. Finally, all these things pull the bitcoin down to the earth. To end up all these complexities, and to focus the good will of bitcoin, some popular bitcoin trading websites integrated bitcoin wallets service into their own website. Through that, they have saved the bitcoin investors from unsecured bitcoin wallets service providers.

How can you pack all these scenarios together and change it for your business purpose?

We are here to help you,

According to the current scenario, bitcoin trading is the only business which could result in high profits and good will. There are billion of cryptocurrency trades happens every day. Also simultaneously the arrival of new bitcoin trading platforms are also increasing in count day by day. As a business man you must have a keen eye on this happenings, but finally, you have to make a single decision.

It does not matter whether you are having a great knowledge about bitcoin trading or not. But if you make up this trading business at right time then you could achieve success and your business will become popular in a quick period.

What you have to do is,

Right now it is very easy to set up a bitcoin trading platform, So just make a single step, sure you will realize this as a big move in future. Integrating bitcoin wallets or altcoin wallets with your exchange website will act as like a rocket booster for your bitcoin trading business!

For every business worries, bitdeal is there to help you in terms of action. Don't need to inquire us a lot for your business solution, You can get an immediate solution by asking a free demo here!

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