Start SIP on exchange: A Solid walkthrough business idea to buy cryptocurrencies with pocket money

2018-01-08 16:51:33

"Buy bitcoins with pocket money"

Hope the above phrase shocked you!

The current market value of bitcoin makes harder for average people to buy bitcoin, and thus some started to invest on low budget cryptocurrencies like xrp, ethereum and so on. But Whatever happens bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency network, so how can you afford it with your pocket money? Is it possible to do that?

Yes, sure it is possible through SIP. Let's discuss what is SIP?

Bitcoin SIP - An easy way to acquire bitcoin with smaller amount!

A great business idea to simplify the way of purchasing a bitcoin.

By integrating SIP method on your exchange you can encourage bitcoiners to buy bitcoins with smaller amount periodically. For example if a trader wants to buy bitcoin with 1000Rs then, based on the current market value corresponding bitcoins will be added to his SIP account. (i.e) Let us assume a bitcoin is worth near 1,00,000 INR then his SIP wallet will be debited with 0.01 BTC for 1000 Rs.

The customer is free to select the fixed amount which he could afford to pay periodically, it may be either Rs.1000, Rs.10000 or any amount.

Why to integrate SIP with your Bitcoin exchange?

SIP creates Democracy for everyone to buy bitcoin.
In very soon bitcoin will become a payment option, even at local shops. If SIP becomes live at exchange markets, people can buy bitcoins without worrying about the volatility of its price. If Many purchase bitcoin with SIP, bitcoin will occupy everyone's wallet, and which may create an opportunity for bitcoin to standardize around the world.

Apart from everything, it will be a booster for your bitcoin exchange. If you add SIP with your exchange, people will find you as a customer friendly services provider, and thus the word of mouth will boost your business goodwill too. Financially you can witness a huge profit and can collect a very large customer base within a short period.

Is SIP only for bitcoin?

Obviously not. SIP is not only for buying bitcoin. Because followed by bitcoin, every cryptocurrency hiking to the top at its price. (e.g) Ethereum Value is 4x bigger than the value it was in 2016.

In future you may be compelled to customize your SIP method for all kind of cryptocurrencies. To avoid those unnecessary struggles, Add SIP method on your exchange to purchase any kind of cryptocurrencies.

Bitdeal now provides SIP service as an add-on with its bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange software. Start your cryptocurrency exchange equipped with future technologies and business trends. For more queries about SIP services, you can inquire bitdeal at any time!


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