The Importance Of Cryptocurrency Wallet In Blockchain Applications

2017-12-14 18:07:40

Cryptocurrency wallets are just like the normal wallets which we often use in real life but the only difference is it can store only virtual currencies. Nowadays, Everyone wants to launch their own crypto coin with own brand name, So obviously the need for crypto wallet will be on demand for now and future too.

"A crypto wallet is just like your own bank"

Whatever the business is, the core functionality of crypto wallets will never change. Every blockchain application will require a wallet to store their digital assets, mostly the exchange or trading platforms.

The Importance of Crypto Wallet In Exchange platforms

In general Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform are used to exchange or trade cryptocurrencies. So Obviously an exchange website must require a secured storage where the traders can store, buy, sell and transact their bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Without a wallet integration, it is impossible to run a successful exchange platform.

So for starting a business based on cryptocurrency exchange, your first requirement will be a secured crypto wallet.

Different types of crypto wallets :

We can classify crypto wallet into two

1. Online wallet - It is the common wallet which we of often used is renowned blockchain applications
2. Offline wallet - Offline wallets are coming as separate devices, paper wallets, drives and more.

Based on the storing method wallets are differs with each other,

1. Bitcoin wallet - It stores bitcoin alone
2. Cryptocurrency wallet - It stores any kind of limited cryptocurrencies - (i.e) There will be a restriction for storing a certain type of cryptocurrencies alone.
3. Multi cryptocurrency Wallet - It stores countless type of cryptocurrencies
4. Ethereum wallet - Stores ethereum coins alone

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Bitcoin Wallet Script

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